PBRC 연구원 나젠드라 교수, PLoS One과 Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 에디터로 참여

PBRC 소속의 연구원인 Nagendra Kaushik 교수가 PLoS One과 Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology의 Editorial Board

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Dear Prof. Kaushik,

Thank you again for your joining the Editorial Board of PLOS ONE. I have would be

delighted to offer you a position on the Board.

PLOS ONE launched at the end of December 2006 as an efficient and economical venue for

disseminating research in all areas of science and medicine. Today it is the largest journal in

the world, publishing well over 2000 articles per month. The underlying philosophy is that all

research, if well-performed and well-reported, has something of value to offer the scientific

community, and accordingly, PLOS ONE’s editorial criteria focuses on the technical quality

of the work rather than any subjective judgments such as perceived novelty or limited

relevance to a specialist field.

Editorial Board members at PLOS ONE are given a high degree of editorial autonomy over

the papers that they handle, and are responsible for deciding whether a manuscript adheres

to the journal’s criteria for publication. In general, we are looking for forward-looking

individuals who are enthusiastic about this reinvention of scientific publishing in an Open

Access environment. Initial appointments to the PLOS ONE Editorial Board are for three

years, subject to review on an annual basis.

By joining PLOS ONE as an Academic Editor, you will be supporting the PLOS mission of

freely disseminating rigorous scientific research to the public, worldwide.

I’d be glad to answer any specific questions you may have, and I look forward to receiving

your formal acceptance. In your email, please include a detailed signature, including

accurate and current affiliation and contact information:


I look forward to your reply.


With best regards,

Michelle Dohm

Senior Editor, Editorial Board Services,



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Case Number: 05551862

15 February 2018

Dr. N.K. Kaushik

Plasma Bioscience Research Center,

Department of Electrical & Biological Physics,

Kwangwoon University

Seoul 139701, South Korea


Dear Dr. Kaushik,

Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Impact Factor 2.459) is currently in its 19th year of

publication. It publishes in-depth reviews, research articles and letters written by leaders in the field

covering a range of current topics in both pre-clinical and clinical areas of Pharmaceutical


In view of your contributions in the field, we would like to propose your name as an Editorial Board

Member. Editorial Board Members are entitled to a number of benefits mentioned in journal


Best regards,

M. Alam

Director (Publications)

Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Dear Dr. Kaushik,

Thank you very much and welcome to our board of CPB. I would like to introduce myself as dealing

manager of CPB. I am Pharmacists and leading this journal along with other journals in my group. We

hope that with your expert association the journal will grow further.

Please feel free to contact me in case of any other query.

Thanks and regards,


Sumaiya Azhar (Ms.)

Manager (Publications)

Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Bentham Science Publishers

Email: cpb@benthamscience.org