Development of AP
plasma medical devices
and study of skin disease

Joint research

Application of AP plasma to treat chronic skin diseases

medicine + plasma

Efficacy study of AP plasma to skin disease

Plasma medical devices for the human application

Skin irritation and human skin safety test

Study of interaction between plasma and causative organism

Mechanism study of plasma assisted skin diseases treatment

Necrosis mechanism of causative organism for skin diseases

Development of AP plasma medical device

Jet type plasma

Plane type plasma

Basic study of bio-plasma characteristics

Commercialization of bio-plasma medical devices

Commercialization of AP plasma medical devices

Medicine Research Center
the end of the road

The final goal of APMC is the development and commercialization of plasma medical devices for skin diseases by collaborative works between Kwangwoon Univ, South Korea and Leibniz INP, Germany.

  • 01By inviting prestigious research institutes globally to Korea , accelerates core tech development for AP plasma and enforcement for new tech development
  • 02Establishment of a global training center for AP plasma technology.